Brand Building With Upside Motion: A Graceful Take On Fitness

Upside Motion⇲ is an award-winning multidisciplinary fitness studio in Singapore.

Branding, Brand Strategy, Brand Management
2015 — 2020
Brand Building With Upside Motion


Upside Motion was the pioneer in introducing some of the most exciting fitness programmes to Singapore when the brand first entered the boutique fitness market in 2012. As time passed by, market reality shifted. An array of aggressive competitors and technology disruptors arrive, supplying the customers with more choices than ever before.

This has necessitated an urgent re-evaluation and rework of Upside Motion’s brand value proposition and service experience.

I had the privilege of working together with a team of talented and passionate people from brand consultancy firm Somewhere Else⇲. Together, we combined our internal insights and external observations from brand audit exercises and targeted market research. From the data, we uncovered our most crucial issue. Though we saw growth in acquisition and booking, our group of high-value members who are the brand advocates, the top spenders with high attendance actually declined by 20% based on 2018/2019 data. Upside Motion needs to focus on strengthening the values that truly resonate with our loyal members. 

As time passed by, market reality shifted. This has necessitated an urgent re-evaluation and rework of Upside Motion’s brand value proposition and service experience.

Findings & Outcome

In our core client base, we identified 3-5 persona profiles based on their most and the least-valued brand features, class attendance and package usage patterns, and communication preferences.

Above: A persona profile of Upside Motion’s core customer

Through the research exercises, we also identified our strengths and communication gaps in the current brand strategy and execution. This is followed by a re-evaluation of our value proposition and grouping of four promises that we are committed to delivering:

Above: Clear and concise brand benefits helps internal and external stakeholders to better articulate why someone should choose Upside Motion over other competitors.

Drawing from these valuable insights, we decided to tackle the challenge with three deliverables that are conversion-driven and most operationally efficient:

1 — Refresh brand website to clearly communicate four brand benefits and create a landing page with content tailored to the prospective clients.

2 — Create content that mirrors the ideal Upside Motion customer experience.

3 — Build highly personalised marketing automation that cultivates meaningful conversations, and makes smart package recommendations at key points in the customer journey.